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Capital Campaign

ForwardIt is clearer now than it has ever been that the Church needs competent, theologically grounded lay ministers to serve alongside ordained priests and deacons building Christian community together. Saint John's School of Theology and Seminary has been doing so for decades in educating strong credible witnesses to go into the world and our communities as chaplains, teachers, liturgy directors, missionaries, music directors and lay ecclesial ministers.

Our graduates are answering the call and your support is vitally needed. Through our scholarship programs, strong academics, dedicated faculty, and ongoing initiatives, your partnership will advance the work to which God is calling not only these dedicated men and women but all of us.

Together with everyones help we will achieve this campaign's $10 million goal.

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Current Status! $10,861,933

Together we can move forward.

Areas still in need              Goal              Raised to Date
Faculty Scholarship                    $3.5M                     $1M
Student Scholarship                   $3.5M                     $1.7M


DaleI am proud of what Saint John's has been since its founding and what it continues to be today. I am also excited about what it can be in the future, and how the work we have done so far can be - must be - enriched as we continue to serve the church. We have targeted four areas of growth. Please click on one or all of these areas listed below and find out which area(s) God is calling you to support: Student Scholarship, Faculty Scholarship, Program Initiatives, or the Chapel Renovation.

Together we can move ever forward strengthening the Church and enriching the lives of those familiar with and new to its community.

Fr. Dale Launderville, Dean

Student ScholarshipFaculty Scholarship
Program InitiativesChapel Renovation

Why give?

"When I thought about making a donation the word "thanksgiving" quickly came to mind. How thankful I am that St. John's was my assigned destination for [major seminary] ... Yes, I am indeed thankful for the entire experience. The School of Theology appears to be a most significant port in a very stormy sea."
- Doug Fiola, '65