Fall 2013 or Spring 2014

Tuition and Fees
Full-time Tuition (9-12 credits) $7,200
Tuition (per credit) $800
Continuting education (per credit) $360
Audit Only (per unit) $275
Comprehensive Exams $300
Activity Fee $50
Technology Fee (on campus) $75
CPE Fee* $50
Graduation Fee $60
Required Books (avg per class) $115
Parking Permit $175
Health Insurance (Aug to Aug) $1,466


Housing (per month)
Single (private with sink $420
Suite (prive with bath) $515
Efficiency Apartment $620


Meal Plans
15 meals $145
25 meals $240
50 meals $465
100 meals $910
150 meals $1,305
200 meals $1,700
Abbey Room and Meal Package (per month) $1,100


*Saint John's charges a processing fee of $50 for CPE. All other costs related to CPE are the responsibility of the student and are negotiated by the student with the respective facility. 

Rates are subject to change upon review by the Board of Overseers.
Tuition scholarships range from 25% to 100%. 
Graduate Assistantships and Student Work Awards are available to full time degree students. 
Mary Beth Banken, Director of Admission,  sotadmission@csbsju.edu, 320-363-2896.


“If you have not been to Saint John’s, go there.

It is an oasis for the spiritual life, for learning, for culture,

for ecumenism and for hospitality.”

Monsignor Jerome Boxleitner

President Emeritus, Catholic Charities of Minneapolis/St. Paul


Blessings on your discernment. We hope to hear from you soon.