Ministerial Residency Program: Partners


About the Ministerial Residency Program

At Saint John's School of Theology and Seminary, we are committed to preparing our students for ministry in the Church. Within our pastoral degrees, students spend a couple of semesters working in parishes and organizations for their field education credits.

This program was brought forth from a current Lilly Grant funded initiative: Economic Challenges Facing Future Ministers. One of the questions we have asked ourselves is how to lessen the burden of debt on our students so that they can follow their vocation and call to serve the Church as trained, professional ministers? Our answer was to combine our current field education model and expand it to a ministerial residency program. Our goal is to create partnerships with parishes and organizations for placements in ministries for a semester or longer, to gain hands on experience and add extra income, lessening the debt burden.

The Partnership

It is essential in a good partnership that each party fully understand the expectations. We are looking to establish long-term relationships through this program, here is what you can expect from us and what we expect from you.

What Does the Partnership Entail?

Saint John's Provides

Your Organization Provides

  • Formation and theological reflection for students
  • Observation of students mid-semester
  • Supervisor retreat, training, and support
  • Nurturing environment for student ministers to learn
  • Supervisor for student ministers
  • Stipend for student ministers  

How to Become a Partner

Sponsoring Students

Any church, not-for-profit organization, or school is able to partner with Saint John's School of Theology and Seminary to support students. We want these partnerships and placements for students to be successful for your organization and for our student's learning. Your parish or organization should take some time to discern what the needs of your community are and find a project or area of ministry a student could fill for a semester, or potentially longer. This way, we can match the gifts of our students with your community's needs. Contact the MRP Coordinator or the Director of Field Education and Ministerial Formation for more information.

Identifying Your Community's Future Leaders

Call to vocation, for both ordained and lay leaders comes in various ways. One of the ways to help people within your own communities discern a call to ministry is to help them recognize the gifts they may have to serve. We have leaders and ministers within our midst who might not ever think about ministry as a vocation to follow, or think that they can follow this call. As our churches see a decline in ordained and religious vocations, it is important to call forward new ministers for the future. If you know somebody who would be a good minister and leader for your community, Saint John's School of Theology can be a place for formation and education to help train and form people into ministry. You can contact our admissions office to learn more about degree programs and opportunities for those you know who wish to pursue education and formation for ministry: [email protected].

Contact Us:

Dr. Barbara Sutton
Director of Field Education and Ministerial Formation
[email protected]
Luke Hall 202