Th.M. Program Outcomes

The outcomes for the Th.M. are similar to those of the M.A. (Theology) degree. Because the Th.M. is meant to build upon the work of a previous graduate theological degree, the expectation is for a higher level of competence for each outcome.

  1. Students will gain a general knowledge of the Christian theological tradition and of contemporary scholarship.
    • Students will understand and be able to use theological vocabulary and concepts in theological and ministerial discussions.
    • Students will be able to engage in research, writing, and oral exposition.
    • Students will develop an understanding of the global context of the Christian tradi­tion, the ecumenical character of the Christian tradition, and the multicultural realities of contemporary society.
    • Students will demonstrate the ability to use theological texts in a language other than English.
  2. Students will develop a critical, historically-rooted approach to theology.
    • Students will know how to read primary texts in the context of historical periods.
    • Students will be able to assess theological texts and materials critically.
    • Students will be aware of the social, cultural, and personal lens through which they interpret the tradition.
  3. Students will demonstrate the ability to engage in theological research and defend a position responsibly through the writing and oral defense of a thesis.
  4. Students will understand how theological study serves the ongoing life of the Church.

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