Social Science Division

The Social Science Division consists of the following departments and programs: Accounting and Finance, Economics, Education, Management, McNeely Center for Entrepreneurship, Military Science, Peace Studies, Physical Education, Political Science, Psychology, Social Work and Sociology. These departments are housed on the College of Saint Benedict campus and/or Saint John's University campus.



Overview of Division

  • We're ten departments and one program strong
  • Over 100 full-time professors, associate professors and instructors call our division home (about 30% of all full-time profs).
  • 40% of CSB/SJU students major in the Social Science Division (p. 12 of the 2012-2013 Registrar's Annual Report).
  • 43% of the degrees granted by our institutions were to Social Science majors (p. 27 of the 2012-2013 Registrar's Annual Report).
  • The Management/Global Business Department has the largest number of majors and comprises about 12% of all majors at CSB/SJU.


Don Fischer                                           Exercise Science and Sport Studies Chair                    (320) 363-5581                                          Department Website

Janet Grochowski                                Education Department Chair                                         (320)363-5709                                           Department Website

Mary Jepperson                                   Accounting and Finance Department Chair              (320) 363-2031                                          Department Website

Claire Haeg                                           Political Science Department Chair                              (320) 363-2080                                          Department Website

Kelly Kraemer                                       Peace Studies Department Chair                                  (320) 363-2151                                            Department Website

Sanford Moskowitz             Management/Global Business Leadership Dept Chair              (320) 363-2048                                          Department Website

Dr. Rodger Narloch                              Psychology Department Chair                                      (320) 363-3135                                           Department Website

Sheila Nelson                                          Sociology Department Chair                                         (320) 363-3125                                           Department Website

Parker Wheatley                                    Economics Department Chair                                       (320) 363-5917                                          Department Website

Contact Us

Sheila Hellermann
Office Manager/Department & Program Coordinator
Simons Hall 150
Saint John's University
(320) 363-2731
Main 426A
College of Saint Benedict
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