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As a Benedictine institution, we take seriously our commitment to stewardship and to incorporating the goals of sustainability into every facet of campus life.  As a university, we have the duty to prepare students to be responsible citizens, prepared to meet the social, ethical, local and global challenges of today.  To these ends, the Office of Sustainability was created to help connect the Saint John's community with the information and tools necessary to make our institution sustainable for generations to come.

The Office of Sustainability at SJU is committed to the effort of creating a sustainable campus by focusing on the triple bottom line: equity, economy and the environment.


Brandon Dorsey

Sustainability Student Project Manager


Stephen Katz

Sustainability Student Project Manager


Jacob Saffert

Sustainability Student Project Manager


Alexander Celeste

Sustainability Student Web Presence Manager









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Sustainability Committee

The sustainability committee is made up of representatives of many offices on campus all of whom are working towards making SJU sustainable. Any Revolving Loan requests must get approved by this group. The committee meets at least twice a semester.

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History of Stewardship

The stewardship of our land that has given rise to the SJU Office of Sustainability has its roots in the monastic community that is an active part of our campus community. Read more about the history of stewardship.

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