Mary Hall

Year Built: 1951

Major Renovations:

  • 2011 - 1st floor student lounge/kitchen added

For more information on the histroy of this building visit here.

Available Room Types:

  • 87 Doubles 

Mary Hall Floor Plans (.pdf)
Website requires CSB/SJU username and password to access. If accessing from off-campus, you must put "ad\" in front of your username.Mary Hall typical room layout

Room Amenities:

Dressers are not provided; however, closets do have shelves for storage.  The shelves are very deep.

Note: No University furnishings may be removed from rooms or apartments. Storage of University furniture outside of an assigned residence area is not allowed.

There are 6 shelves in the Mary Hall closets.  They are spaced roughly 8" apart. There is a bottom space from the floor to the 1st shelve that is about 18" high. The space from the top shelf to the ceiling is about 15". The shelves are  18" deep and 12" wide. We encourage students to invest in storage containers that can be used as pull out drawers on the shelves.  Under the bed storage containers are also useful.

Mattresses - All mattresses are extra long (39" x 80")

Building Amenities:

  • 3 Student lounges
  • 3 Common bathrooms/showers
  • 1 Student kitchen
  • 1 Laundry room
  • Wireless Internet access

The ground floor of Mary Hall also includes the Outdoor Leadership Center (OLC), Peer Resource Program (PRP), and Counseling Services. This is also the home for the Hair Razor.