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Key Requests

To request a new key for a space on the Saint John's campus, please fill out the Key Request Form and return a completed copy to the Physical Plant Office at [email protected] or via campus mail.

*Note: Students requiring keys for residential buildings should contact Residential Life or Life Safety.


A copy of the Saint John's Key Policy is below:

General Policy

Concerns of both people and property are important issues for the Saint John's campus. Employee, student, and monastic security and personal safety concerns can be addressed, at least in part, by controlling access to buildings.  The following procedures must be adhered to so that a safe, secure environment can be maintained. Personal responsibility is critical in ensuring the effectiveness of the policy.  The lock and key policy applies to both traditional keys and electronic card access keys.

  1. The Physical Plant Director, in coordination with the Director or Life Safety, is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the Saint John's lock and key policy. 
  2. The Physical Plant Department is responsible for the administration and control of the Best Lock and Key System.  Only the campus locksmith or other designated Physical Plant staff are authorized to duplicate Saint John's keys.
  3. Life Safety is responsible for the administration and control of the electronic card access keys.
  4. Department Chairs, in coordination with Life Safety, are responsible for authorizing staff department electronic card key access. The Department Chair or designee is responsible for informing Life Safety in a timely manner of any changes in staff access authorizations.
  5. All Saint John's employees are eligible to hold interior building keys for areas that they need access to on a daily basis to perform their job responsibilities.  Individuals are responsible for maintaining daily security of their individual key(s).  Department Chairs, in coordination with the Physical Plant, are responsible for authorizing key assignments for departmental staff. 
  6. Exterior building keys for buildings with card access are restricted and shall be issued only upon authorization by the Director of Life Safety or the Physical Plant Director.
  7. Keys (other than residence hall keys) generally will not be issued to students.  Supervisors present at the time students are working may allow students use of departmental keys.  Any time that students work unsupervised, supervisors may process an authorized work study name list to Life Safety for access to work areas. Students will be required to show an SJU Student ID to the security officer prior to access being granted. 
  8. Only campus security officers are authorized to unlock personal offices or restricted areas.  Custodial and Physical Plant employees are not authorized to unlock offices for faculty, staff, or students.
  9. All requests for permanently issued keys will be processed on the Key Request Form and issued only upon signature acceptance of key responsibility designated on the key receipt agreement.

Termination or Change of Employment

    1. Upon receipt of notification, Physical Plant will notify Human Resources if the employee holds any master or sub-master keys that require special consideration and follow up.
    2. Human Resources or the individual's department will collect all keys from the employee on or before their last day of employment.
    3. All keys will be turned into Physical Plant for tracking purposes.
    4. Human Resources/individual departments are NOT to transfer ownership of keys to new employees without the knowledge and approval of Physical Plant. 
    5. If the employee fails to return a key, the area that the key controlled will be considered for re-key, and the employee may incur the cost for the re-key at the following fees:  $150.00 initial cost to re-key a lock (per core, includes 2 operating keys) & $100.00 per additional lock (examples: desk drawers, file cabinets). Costs for failure to turn in master and/or sub-master keys to be reviewed on an individual basis.

Lost/Missing Keys

    1. Individuals must assume the responsibility to immediately report lost/missing keys to Physical Plant and Life Safety.  The timely reporting of lost/missing keys allows for contingency measures to be put in place until recovery of the key or the implementation of the process for re-key.
    2. Individuals must immediately report a lost or stolen electronic key card to Life Safety so that privileges may be deleted and a new card issued.  Failure to immediately report a lost/stolen electronic key card will be reviewed for cost assessment to the responsible party(s) up to the loss of electronic card key access privileges. 
    3. Incidences involving lost or stolen traditional key should be reported to Physical Plant and/or Life Safety so that consideration can be given to re-keying the area if necessary. 
    4.  Saint John's reserves the right to assess fees to the employee's personal billing account for the cost of re-key as follows:$150.00 initial cost to re-key a lock (per core, includes 2 operating keys)& $100.00 per additional lock (examples: desk drawers, file cabinets). Costs for loss of master and/or sub-master keys to be reviewed on an individual basis.
    5.  Each department Chair is responsible for any employee disciplinary actions due to a lost key and is to assess a department budget for all re-key costs not charged to an individual or covered by insurance.

Tracking Keys

Beginning February 15, 2013, every key issued for campus buildings will be tracked on an individual basis, including all master keys, exterior building keys, and individual room and office keys. A Banner ID will also be obtained by Physical Plant for tracking purposes.

Keys for residential buildings are exempt from this policy as they are maintained and tracked by employees of Residential Life.