Look ahead to housing at SJU for 2011-2012

Students are beginning to look ahead to their options for housing in the 2011-2012 academic year. As part of our commitment to the development of the individual within the context of living and learning in community, students who began college at SJU in the fall of 2008 live on campus during their career at Saint John's. 

We completed the off-campus request process for the 2011-2012 academic year during the fall semester, so the Department of Residential Life provides the following information as your son considers his housing decisions for the upcoming year.

Room selection dates 2011:

  • March 10: Deadline for completing the 2011 Campus Housing Survey 
  • March 30: Apartment selection (for juniors/seniors)
  • April 4: Room selection for any remaining rising seniors and juniors
  • April 5: Room selection for rising sophomores

Going abroad in the fall? We will send out a questionnaire in the spring after study abroad acceptances have gone out asking students their preferences for spring 2012.  When your son returns in the spring, we will do our best to place him according to his preference. If he is aware of a vacancy created by a friend leaving, he can request to swap into that spot.