Large events and many small ones require multi-department, campus-wide planning and coordination. We can arrange everything from staging to security to food, parking, and other arrangements. We will communicate with all on campus departments such as life safety, building and grounds, electric shop, parking and environmental safety to assure that all needs and potential problems are covered.

Saint John's University Conference and Events Office will centrally coordinate all arrangements with campus departments to assure seamless support for your important meeting. This includes:

  • Event planning
  • Dining and housing arrangements
  • Budget development and funds management 
  • Exhibitions, poster sessions and vendor displays 
  • Social events and VIP arrangements 
  • On-site check-in services
  • Meeting room setup and AV 
  • Transportation arrangements             
We are happy to provide the services above.  You choose the theme, educational content, and presenters for the meeting and we'll do the rest.