Man of Extraordinary Service Award


The Man of Extraordinary Service is presented to students who exhibt "Caritas," a Christian or Christ-like love for others. Caritas is more than a feeling of positive regard or care for others for it always leads to the outpouring or giving of oneself through service to others which provides healing or builds them up and honors their dignity as persons who bear the image and likeness of God. Caritas is most commonly extended to persons or communities in need, to those who are treated as of lesser value because of some condition in their life.

The Man of Extraordinary Service Award seeks to encourage and honor Johnnies who demonstrate Caritas through their service to others while enrolled at Saint John's University.  Caritas Extraordinary Service may begin in a variety of ways such as through an academic service-learning requirement; through volunteer service related to student development programming, through a work program, or through self-initiative with an external agency or even through no agency at all; but it shows a personal commitment that goes beyond expectations in one or more of the following characteristics:   

  • Demonstrates a personal commitment to service which builds or extends community through Benedictine values and/or
  • Demonstrates a personal commitment to service which promotes justice through one or more of the seven themes of Catholic Social Teaching
  • Demonstrates a significant investment of personal time and/or talent
  • Demonstrates significant impact on the beneficiaries of service that is consistent with Benedictine Values and/or principles of Catholic Social Teaching
  • Demonstrates the ability to collaborate or work with others so as to accomplish a greater good
  • Demonstrates thoughtful reflection about service in light of Benedictine Values and/or Catholic Social Teaching

The Awards

Typically each year one First Year Johnnie, one Sophomore Johnnie, one Junior Johnnie, and one Senior Johnnie will be chosen to receive this award. Each Man of Extraordinary Service will receive a $2,500 award for their demonstrated commitment to service.  Note:  Students may only receive this award once during their time at SJU.

The Selection Process

Early in the spring semester, a call for nominations is issued to CSB/SJU students, staff, faculty, and the monastic communities.  

In determining the recipients of this award, the Man of Extraordinary Service Award Selection Committee considers the above characteristics. 

After being nominated, the students will be required to write one  300 - 700 word essay collectively answering the following questions:

  • What are the service activities that have been most important to you and/or the Saint John's Community?  (relating to self-initiated service, academic service, campus/student life service, and work related service)
  • How does it connect with the Benedictine Values?
  • What is the impact it has had on the Community?

Nominees must also submit a copy of their résumé listing their service experience in the following three categories:  Self-Initiated, Academic, and Work.

            2018 Nomination Form available January 2018.
              2018 Application Form (to be completed by Johnnies who have been nominated) available January 2018.

        2017 Recipients

        Pictured:  Dr. Michael Hemesath, Donovan Inniss, Gary Harala, Owyn Ferguson, Cody Kohut, and Abbot John Klassen,OSB

        Owyn Ferguson, First Year Class
        Gary Harala, Sophomore Class
        Donovan Inniss, Junior Class
        Cody Kohut, Senior Class

        Past Recipients 

        2016 Recipients
        Peter Johnson
        Abdirizak Jama
        Ramond Mitchell
        Frantz Soiro

        2015 Recipients
        Lukas Steffensmeier
        Matthew Fink
        Jake Barrientos
        Austin Barkley

        2014 Recipients
        Kevin Curwick
        Jake Collins
        Jesse Wild
        Brian Vander Heiden

        2013 Recipients
        Edwin Torres
        Justin Markon
        Connor Klausing
        Stephen Gross

        2012 Recipients
        Chris Heitzig
        Andy Hovel
        Carlos Dabu
        Will Newkirk