General Business Office Topics

Budget Revision Form

This form is used by a department when they need to move budgeted dollars from one account to another.  This form must be approved by your vice president\provost who will then forward it to the SJU Business Office for processing. Budget revisions are not allowed from the following accounts:  salary (including student salaries), instructional supply, instructional travel, or capital.

Budget revisions forms are available from Karen Schoenberg in the SJU Business Office or can be found at budrevform.

Journal Entries

Journal entries can be used to charge a department at either CSB or SJU or to correct a previous entry. Your journal entry request must include:  the account you want debited, the account you want credited, the dollar amount of the transaction and a brief explanation.  Journal entries can be emailed to Karen Schoenberg at the SJU Business Office.