Little Sibs Weekend-FAQ's

Frequently asked questions about Little Sibs Weekend

What is Little Sibs Weekend?

Little Sibs Weekend is an annual tradition that offers a unique opportunity for siblings, cousins, or younger friends of CSB/SJU students to spend a weekend on campus.

When is Little Sibs Weekend?

Little Sibs Weekend 2015 will take place March 20-22 at the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University.

Which age groups can come to Little Sibs Weekend?

We welcome all Little Sibs! The weekend is filled with activities specifically directed at ages between 5 and 13 years old.

What kinds of activities are offered?

There will be live performances by comedians or magicians, movies, arts & crafts, interactive games, and access to athletic facilities.

How does registration work?

The Little Sibs Weekend website has the link to the registration form. Each CSB/SJU student hosting a Little Sib needs to complete a registration form. After registration is received, a liability waiver form will be sent to the Little Sib's parent/guardian and should be completed online or by mail.  As soon as both forms are submitted (registration and release of liability), the Little Sib will be set to attend all events!

CSB student registration

SJU student registration

Registration will be available Tuesday, February 3rd 

What about accommodations?

CSB Students with little sisters: Female Little Sibs are welcomed to stay overnight in the CSB residence halls with their older sisters.  

CSB students with little brothers: Male Little Sibs who are 13 or younger are welcomed overnight in the CSB residence halls. We ask CSB students to find a SJU friend for little brothers who are older than 13 to stay overnight.  

SJU students with little brothers: Male Little Sibs are welcome to stay overnight in the SJU residence halls with their older brothers.  

SJU students with little sisters: No female Little Sibs may stay overnight on the SJU campus. We ask female Little Sibs to stay with a friend of her brother's at CSB.

What should Little Sibs do once they arrive on campus?

Little Sibs can arrive anytime on Friday, March 20. Little brothers that are staying overnight at SJU should have their host resident check in with their FR upon arrival.