Jerome Foundation Artists

Jerome Foundation Emerging Artist Program

In 1981 the Saint John's Pottery and Saint John's University initiated a complementary program with the Jerome Foundation involving visiting emerging artists. This created the Jerome Foundation Emerging Artist Program at the Saint John's Pottery, a short-term residency program.

With the support of the Jerome Foundation, visual artists from a variety of disciplines were invited to Saint John's each year to produce portfolios of work in clay for exhibitions and to experience an indigenous approach to art. These works in clay were loaded and fired in the Johanna Kiln, the largest wood firing kiln of its kind in North America. 

Many of the young artists who received Jerome Foundation awards went on to distinguished careers. Through the Jerome Foundation and various other arts award programs, more than 100 major established and emerging American artists were hosted by the Saint John's Pottery from 1981 to 2007, for residencies ranging from a semester to six months in length. 

The Jerome Foundation Emerging Artist Program not only helped to establish a strong national and international reputation for the Saint John's Pottery, but the many participating visiting artists also served as extraordinary role models for apprentices and art students at Saint John's.