Notice issued on Fall 2013 registration holds

Registration holds for Fall 2013 have been put on your son or daughter's account if the account is not current. The students have been notified by email that they are on hold for registration in April. If you paid the account in full for January, please check to make sure that your student did not charge their books, educational materials or have other miscellaneous charges after we received that payment.  Electronic billing statement notifications are sent each month to the student and to their authorized users. If you are not receiving these notifications, please talk to your student about this. 

Registration begins April 2 for next year's seniors. We are putting this notice in the parent newsletter so you will have time to discuss this with your student and take care of any issues so they can register on time in order to get the classes that they desire. If your student needs to take out a loan to cover his/her balance, please contact the Financial Aid Office (320-363-3664 for SJU and 320-363-5388 for CSB) in order to begin this process. The loan process takes three to four weeks to complete. 

Please feel free to call the Student Accounts Office (320-363-2193 for SJU and 320-363-5387 for CSB) if you have any questions.  

Graduating seniors need to have their balances paid in full to avoid potential transcript and diploma holds.