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Special Students


  1. Complete a registration request through one of the registration form links below, fill out all information & submit.  Requests will be processed August 1 for Fall registrations & December 1 for spring registrations.
  2. You will be notified once your registration is complete. 


    1. Send an email to or call 320-363-3399
    2. Please include the date of last attendance
    3. Inform the instructor that you are dropping or withdrawing


The following forms can be filled out on-line and forwarded electronically to the Registrar's Office (

CONTINUING EDUCATION STUDENTS - for persons wishing to take 11 credits or fewer at CSB/SJU while working fulltime.  See Course Catalog for guidelines

Data Collection form for Continuing Education Students - form will be submitted electronically

PREPARATORY STUDENTS - for Prep students wishing to take a class at CSB/SJU

Data Collection form for Prep Students - form will be submitted electronically

SPECIAL  STUDENTS- for part-time adult learners not qualifying under the Continuing Education guidelines. See Course Catalog for further information. 

Data Collection form for Special Students  - form will be submitted electronically

SPECIAL  DIOCESE STUDENTS - for students taking special courses through the Diocese

Data Collection form for Special Diocese program

Dropping courses

You are responsible for dropping or withdrawing from a course you are no longer attending.  Please submit your request via email to or call 320-363-3399.  Please include the last date of attendance


Office use only

Admission Form for Special Exchange Students

Prep School Drop/Add Form - used to drop or add Prep Students from college level courses