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Most of our students are from the state of Minnesota, and therefore the requirements listed below meet those of the University of Minnesota School of Veterinary Medicine, which offers the best chance of a successful application.

The following courses are recommended as generally fulfilling prerequisites for schools of veterinary medicine:

  • BIOL 121
  • BIOL 221
  • BIOL 307
  • BIOL 316
  • BIOL 317 or CHEM 331
  • CHEM 123
  • CHEM 234
  • CHEM 235
  • PHYS 105
  • PHYS 106
  • MATH 123 or 119
  • A minimum of 8 credits selected from economics, government, history, psychology and sociology
  • A minimum of 8 credits selected from art, music, literature, humanities and theater

Interested in Other Schools?

Students interested in schools of veterinary medicine other than the University of Minnesota should make this known early to the pre-veterinary advisor. Together the student and advisor will explore the required courses and plan a program by which the student will achieve the necessary courses for admission.