Dustin Schuett


Living A Dream

"It has been a life long dream of mine to be a doctor. When I came to visit CSB and SJU, I was amazed at the high quality of the facilities and the sincerity of the faculty. I knew from the first time on campus that this was where I wanted to spend my next four years. My main goal in the future is to become a pediatrician, and my classes here have helped prepare me for the MCAT and medical school. I feel that with my academic background here at CSB and SJU, I will be ready to meet the challenge of medical school head on."

Accepting the Challenge

"The pre-med program at CSB and SJU has taught me how to strive and work for something I really want. The program is by no means easy, but with hard work, a lot of dedication, and help from the great professors here, it is possible. The program has helped me learn to think outside of the box and to solve problems in new and exciting ways."


"My most challenging and invigorating experience at CSB and SJU has been adjusting to living on my own. However, through assistance from my resident assistants, my faculty resident, and other members of the community, it was not difficult at all. They made me feel right at home, to the point that, since my second week on campus, I have referred to SJU as home."