Dr. Christi Siver

Assistant Professor of Political Science. Master's degree in International Relations and International Economics at The John's Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies; Ph. D. in political science at the University of Washington in August 2009.


S. Mary Grell Teacher of Distinction Award - May 2014

Alcuin and Clemens Library Information Literacy Award - May 2014

SJU Office: Simons 152
(320) 363-2250



Fall 2015 Courses


12:40 pm-1:35 pm                POLS 399-Senior Colloquium                   

1:50 pm - 3:10 pm                 POLS 364-Research Seminar     

Monday                                     POLS 295- Debate                         

This course will enable students to engage in debates on current events and public policy topics. Students will research current events and construct arguments on a variety of domestic and international issues. Students will learn the different structures of debate cases (policy, value and fact) and numerous opposition arguments (disadvantages, counterplans, critiques, procedurals) used in competitive parliamentary debate. Students will develop their listening, questioning, and refutation skills. Students will also develop research skills as they prepare briefs on particular issues.


2:20 pm - 3:40 pm               POLS 355-Globalization (formerly IPE)

Have you ever wondered how McDonalds and Apple gained prominence, both in terms of economic strength and as cultural identities? Or how fashions go from London runways to sweatshops in Bangladesh and then to your local Forever 21? How do states attempt to manage (and benefit from) increasing fast and complicated flows of trade and financial transactions? Drawing on insights form political economy, this class will examine both traditional and innovative case studies of globalization.

 Faculty advisor for the CSB/SJU Debate Team.