Fall 2018

POLS 111 - Intro to US Politics

POLS 121 - Intro to IR

POLS 211 - Politics & Political Life

POLS 221 - Political Theory

Upper Division Offerings for Fall 2018

POLS 323 - Constitutional Law I (Dr. Phil Kronebusch + Ruth Bader Ginsburg - what more do you need?)

POLS 330 - Environmental Politics & Policy (Dr. Matt Lindstrom will be back!)

POLS 336 - State and Local Government (Dr. Whitney Court's experiential learning course)

POLS 337 - Public Policy (a new course from Dr. Scott Johnson)

POLS 343 - Revolutions & Social Movements (you learned before from Dr. Gary Prevost; find out now how Prof. Colin Hannigan would lead a revolution  )

POLS 345 - Developing Nations (Meet Dr. Pedro dos Santos a/k/a the new member of the POLS team)

POLS 358B - Ethics in War (with Dr. Christi Siver - you can count it for Ethics, OR you can count it for POLS, you just can't do both!)

Senior Research Seminars

POLS 362 - Senior Research Seminar - Law (Kronebusch)

POLS 363 - Senior Research Seminar - Political Institutions (Court)

POLS 364 - Senior Research Seminar - International Relations/Comparative (Siver)