Engineering Design Competition

On October 24, 2014 The College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University will host high school science students (grades 10-12*) interested in applying their knowledge and ingenuity to design devices to accomplish prescribed tasks. Students will compete in teams of two (or individually if they choose) for the first three categories. The Impromptu Competition will require two to four participants per team.

Each participant may compete in one, two, three, or all four categories (listed on the left). Participants must compete in at least one of the first three categories to be in the Impromptu Competition. 

Each school will be limited to twenty or fewer student participants.

For 2014 only we will have an optional Tube Climber (see archives) competition to offer a chance at two unused trophies from a previous year (dates updated).  This competition will be held simultaniously with the Motor Speaker competition.  To be eligible, entries must successfully meet the requirements and climb the tube.  The top two will be selected.  Groups may have entries for both of the simultanious competitions if they wish.

The projects will be completed in the participant's school and brought to St. John's for contest judging on October 24. Check the pages of each design category for design parameters and testing conditions.

* If your school has mixed classes containing both Jr. & Sr. High students, it is OK to include both when you register.

Contact Information

Teachers or advisors must register student teams. Registrations will be accepted from Sept. 15 through Oct. 15. Late registrations require an O.K. from the Lab Manager. Use the e-mail link below to list the students in each team and the competitions they will be participating in. Impromptu teams will be determined the day of the competition. Confirmations will be e-mailed after the registration is received.

For additional information, email (do not call) the Physics Department Lab Manager at Saint John's University:

Lynn Schultz

Physics Department Lab Manager
Collegeville, MN 56321-3000