Buy a seat on the bus!

$2.....student           $50.....class           $160.....bus

Help us raise money to bring students to the Abbey Arboretum on Outdoor University field trips!

THANK YOU! We've filledd 101 buses!

You can still contribute to the Bus Fund for our ongoing bussing needs.

Outdoor University Marketplace (secure credit card donation)


Watch the buses turn yellow as your donations come in!

(1 bus = 80 students or $160)

Last update: November 20, 2013

5 buses     5 buses     5 buses

5 buses     5 buses     5 buses

5 buses     5 buses     5 buses

5 buses     5 buses5 buses

5 buses     5 buses    5 buses

5 buses          5 buses       5 buses

five buses          five buses                full bus

101 buses!

Campaign Dates: June 2009 - Today! 

Why a Bus Campaign?
  • Outdoor environmental education is central to the Outdoor University mission.
  • More than 8000 preK-12 grade students come on field trips every year.
  • Transportation costs are the #1 reason given for not scheduling field trips.
  • Saint John's Outdoor U reimburses schools for $16,000 in transportation costs every year.

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