International Student ID Card (ISIC)


All participants (students and faculty) on the semester-long and short-term study abroad programs sponsored by CSB/SJU, as well as those on external programs, will be issued a Basic International Student ID Card or ISIC.  In addition, all other CSB/SJU students participating on an international experience (ie conference, independent study) will receive this card. 

This card offers a limited amount of health insurance (NOT recommended as a primary source of insurance), with a significant benefit for emergency evacuation and repatriation.  View the summary of benefits on the ISIC website

Take time to review the Education Abroad Office flyer about ISIC.  If you decide that you desire a higher level of coverage you can upgrade your basic ISIC card through the Office for Education Abroad.  Fill out the " ISIC Upgrade Request " form and return it to the OEA with your check (made out to CSB) or submit cash.  Your physical card will not change.  You will be sent an email confirming your upgrade along with a description of the insurance for the level you have requested.  

 In addition, students traveling abroad may be eligible for discounts on lodging, attractions, museums, transportation and other services.  Search for discounts at your destination.

ISIC in conjunction with STA Travel offers an Airfare Deposit Program to all ISIC card holders .  Book your ticket now and pay later.  Click here for details.