Below are instructions for application to a semester study abroad program.  For short-term study abroad refer to the program specific information.

Use the links on the right for help in a successful application.

Select Spring 2016 Semester Programs still have space available. Contact the Office for Education Abroad for more information on open programs.


A complete application will include ALL of the items listed below:

1. Online Application and $300 Online Application Fee*:

The $300 Application Fee will need to be paid online at the end of your application, please have a debit or credit card ready. This fee covers application processing fees, pre-departure and re-entry programming, administration of visa processing, miscellaneous insurance, and emergency evacuation or repatriation of remains. This fee is non‑refundable if you are accepted for a program, but will be refunded if you are not accepted.

2. Recommendation Forms (click here to request your recommendations):

Every study abroad applicant is required to have three references:

  • Faculty or Academic Advisor
  • Faculty Member
  • Non-Faculty Member (Should be a member of the CSB/SJU community. This person could be a coach, work supervisor, FR/RD, etc. PLEASE NOTE THIS CAN NOT BE COMPLETED BY A RA OR OTHER STUDENT PEER!)

Students applying to Austria, Chile, Germany, Guatemala, and Spain are required to request a Language Recommendation. Students applying to China, France, and Japan who HAVE COMPLETED language courses should also request this recommendation. NOTE: Students applying to Austria who will complete the required one semester of language during Spring 2015 (i.e., who have not yet taken an applicable language course) do NOT need to request this form.

  • Language Recommendation (completed by an instructor who can attest to your abilities in the program's language).

You must request your recommendations via the link above. This can be done at any point in the process; you do not need to wait until your application is complete. This online form must be filled out in addition to the Study Abroad Application.

You should speak with your prospective references BEFORE listing them on your application. They should be familiar with your academic, personal, or professional goals. Please request that your references submit the online recommendation form by the application deadline.

If you plan to request an off-campus reference, please follow the instructions listed on the on-line request form.

3. Agreement/Waiver Signature Form:

This original form, along with the required signatures (PARENT & STUDENT), must be submitted to the Office for Education Abroad. A Parent or Guardian signature is necessary unless you are not considered a dependent for federal income tax or financial aid purposes.  Scanned/faxed copies are not valid; original signatures are required based on institutional policy.


4. Two official color passport photos:

Two 2 X 2 passport quality photos are required for your visas, foreign university application, international student ID card, etc. Even if you already have a passport, these photos are still required. You can obtain these at Fedex, Kinkos, Walgreens, Cash Wise, and the St. Joe Post Office.

On your behalf, the Office for Education Abroad will obtain:

1. Academic transcript: this will be requested by the Office for Education Abroad for all CSB/SJU applicants.

2. Behavior Violation Records: Behavior violation reports will be requested by OEA for all CSB/SJU applicants. If you have questions or concerns about your violations, please contact the Dean of Students Office. Students: please allow for 5 business days for any inquiry on personal behavior violations.

Jody L. Terhaar                           Michael P. Connolly
CSB Dean of Students                 SJU Dean of Students
Murray Hall                                 227 Sexton 210
Ext. 5601                                       Ext. 3512


*The $300 application fee is not meant to deter study abroad application.  OEA offers a payment plan in which you can spread out your application fee in 3 monthly payments of $100 each.  Please contact the Office for Education Abroad (320-363-5952) to set up an appointment with an advisor to discuss financing study abroad and to be approved for the payment plan.