How likely am I to be admitted?

CSB and SJU can serve 45-54 students in each class. We generally have about 100 students come to CSB/SJU declaring nursing as a major and about 60-70 persist to application. Therefore, we generally are not able to accommodate about 10-20 qualified applicants per year. Of those not admitted, there are three possible options: 1) reapply the following year, 2) change majors at CSB/SJU, or 3) transfer to another college. We work closely with every student in order to find a path that is suitable to meet your career goals.

What services do the colleges offer to assist me with choosing a major or finding the right path for me?

All students who have expressed an interest in the nursing major will be invited to attend an information session early in their first year. Students are strongly encouraged to attend this important session. The academic advising and career services offices will work individually with students to help each of them explore their interests and strengths. It is important to us that you find a rewarding academic program and a career. The colleges will work with you to develop a four-year plan for success.

Is it easier to be admitted to the nursing major at other colleges?

Not necessarily. Most nursing programs are facing the same challenges as CSB and SJU. It is important that you contact each of the colleges you are considering to make sure you have the facts so that you can make a well-informed decision.

Can I be accepted to the nursing major even if I am not in the Early Admission Program?

CSB and SJU will offer the Early Admission Program to a limited number of students, leaving most spaces for students to apply through the regular admission process.

See the Application to Nursing Program section for more information.