The Festival - Goal and Description

Come to Saint John’s………
First Annual


Saturday, September 29, 2018

9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


  • Especially designed for high school singers 
  • Teachers/directors are invited and expected to sing next to (with) their students.
  • Focus on 3 or 4 ‘styles’ of music
  • Performance’ is NOT the goal for the day – although we will end the day singing together
  • The festival will continue to focus on literature for TTBB and SSAA, but the schedule/design allows more time to learn more about the specific styles.
  • The music will lend itself both for performance by a full choir or small ensemble

2017 Styles and Directors:

  • World MusicBret Amundson, CSC, 2017 MN All State SSAA Choir Director
  • Barbershop/Sweet AdelinesDoug Carnes, Great Northern Union
  • Spiritual– André Heywood, CSB/SJU, 2017 ACDA Dialogue Conductor’s Choir director
  • Exploring Vocal Jazz and ImprovisationJennifer Parker, McNally Smith College

Literature: Music for the Day

  • 3 selections for SSAA (World Music, Spiritual, Sweet Adelines)
  • 3 selections for TTBB (World Music, Spiritual, Barbershop)
  • 1 style (Improvisation/Vocal Jazz) will be for SATB
  • 1½ hours will be sept on each of the selections. Each of the guest conductors works with all the SSAA and TTBB singers.


  • $5.00 registration fee per student – to cover basic expenses
  • lunch: in SJU refectory: $9.00 per person




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Questions? Contact:

                Axel Theimer at

                [email protected]