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About the Orchestra

OrchestraUnder the direction of Dr. J. David Arnott since 2001, the CSB/SJU Symphony Orchestra is the largest and most prominent orchestra at the colleges. The Orchestra performs the standard orchestral repertoire, including a variety of music ranging from the Classical era through the 21st century. The Orchestra regularly invites phenomenal guest artists with whom to perform; in just the past few years, the Orchestra has performed Tchaikovsky's The Nutcracker with The Minnesota Ballet, Chopin's Piano Concerto No. 2 in F Minor with Christopher O'Riley, and premiered innovative composer and violinist DBR's Club Dance Manifesto.

The Orchestra performs four - five concerts each year in the impressive Escher Auditorium and provides music for other events.  In addition to these concerts in CSB's Benedicta Arts Center, the orchestra tours regularly (with occasional international trips) - the CSB/SJU Symphony Orchestra will take a domestic tour in 2013.

This ensemble rehearses every other day and schedules dress rehearsals in the evenings prior to each concert. For both music and non-music majors, this course offers practical pedagogical experience.

**CSB/SJU ORCHESTRA 2013/2014 Schedule**

The new Five-Day academic schedule allowed a significant change to be made to the orchestra schedule which brings our rehearsal contact time more in line with our regional sister institutions.

Tutti orchestra rehearsals will be from 1:05-2:25 Tuesday and Thursday. These rehearsals are for everyone-winds/brass/percussion/strings. Please do your best to avoid labs during this time.

We will have string rehearsals from 3:20-4:15 on Monday and Wednesday. We will never use the Friday time (except when absolutely necessary as in during Nutcracker week). Monday will always be string orchestra, Wednesday will be string orchestra or occasionally sectionals.

Next year will certainly be an adventure in scheduling and we all need to do our best to try and make it all work.

Members are selected by audition at the beginning of the year. Interested students should register for MUSC 233 for 0-1 credit.


CSB/SJU Orchestra