Midterms Already?

Wow!  It feels like they just got back to campus and already we are talking about midterms and registration for spring semester. 

On Oct. 19, first-year students will receive midterm grades. The Academic Advising Office will send out a letter to any student who receives a "CD" or less as a midterm grade. We will invite the student to come and talk about what has led them to this place and talk about recovering before the end of the semester. In some cases, there is reason for real concern.  In other cases, the midterm grade may simply be the result of a single paper or test with many more to come-plenty of time for corrective action.  In addition to speaking with one of the members of the advising office, students can also talk with their faculty adviser about how things are going in all of their classes.

This conversation leads very naturally into a discussion about what classes he or she may wish to take in the spring. Registration for the spring semester begins on Oct. 31. Each student must meet with his or her faculty adviser in order to receive a PIN number, which will allow them to access the online registration module.

Personal communication is at the heart of the CSB/SJU educational experience. We believe strongly in the mentoring that can occur with a faculty adviser.  It is critical that your students arrange a time well in advance of their registration time to meet with faculty advisers.  Emailing faculty advisors the day before registration to get a PIN number is probably not going to result in the desired outcome.

We hope as parents you will continue to encourage your sons and daughters to act in a timely fashion in attending to the important conversations with their faculty members and the other professionals who are here to guide them at CSB/SJU.