Multimedia Production

Quad  458A - Media Services Production Studio

Multimedia production at CSB-SJU can be used in a variety of ways; from facultdemonstrating concepts in the classroom, to assignments involving student created media content.  Whether it is academic research, personal narrative, or even for entertainment purposes--CSB-SJU Media Services offers a range of facilities for sake of interdisciplinary media content creation. 


Media Services - Multimedia Editing Labs

The Joan Steck Editing Lab at SJU, and the Creative Lab at CSB are available to CSB-SJU students, faculty and staff.  The labs contain Apple iMac's that can be used for digital video and audio editing as well as a variety of other multimedia projects. 



Media Services Production Studio [QUAD 458A]

The Media Production Studio at SJU is a multimedia production facility available to CSB-SJU students, faculty and staff.  The studio contains several controlled lighting fixtures, two video cameras, and several wireless microphones for sake of video and audio recordings.  Adjacent to the Media Studio, in Quad 456, is a Control Room for sake of monitoring the video and audio recordings and switching signals for sake of capturing or broadcasting audio and video.  The Media Studio has multiple functions and can be used to digitally record course work, assignments, training sessions, interviews, and more. 


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For additional information please contact the following Media Services staff:


Adam Konczewski

Multimedia Technician - CSB



Ethan Wittrock

Multimedia Technician - SJU