DVD/VHS/Streaming Collection

DVD/VHS Collection

Alcuin & Clemens Libraries have an extensive collection of video cassettes and DVDs ranging from cinema greats to documentaries. A complete list of these videos has been made searchable on the internet. MnPALS, the library catalog offers extensive information and searching capabilities. The resources listed below provide only the title and call number for each item.

Movie Search (VHS and DVD)

DVD Browser

Video streaming of Library materials

CSB/SJU Media Services is streaming some media materials for use in the classroom or academic projects, access the videos that are currently being streamed.

Copyright Information

The Media Services Department of CSB/SJU follows the Code of Conduct for members of the Consortium of College and University Media Centers with regard to copyright matters. "We believe that a balance must exist between the rights of the producers and distributors of the works which we collect and disseminate and the privileges of ourselves and our patrons who benefit from their display; we understand that if the owners of audiovisual works are denied their legal right to actual and potential revenues that may be derived from their works, the net effect will be a decline in the production of audiovisual materials, and we consider infractions of copyright law to be equivalent to acts of theft."

Classroom use: Instructors at the College of St. Benedict and St. John's University may show copyrighted DVDs and videos in their classes as long as it is in the context of face-to-face teaching and not for entertainment.

Non-academic use: Some media owned DVDs and videos have public performance rights; many, however, do not. Those that are labeled for "home use only" may be used in a face to face teaching situation. Groups or clubs may not use "home use only" DVDs and videos in a public performance setting. They must rent videos from sources that grant public performance rights. See further information here: https://sharepoint.csbsju.edu/sald/Pages/Movies.aspx

Streaming Video/Multimedia: There are legal restrictions on the use of copyrighted materials online and specific procedures must be followed to comply with the law. Without permission, only three minutes or 10% of the work may be streamed, whichever is less.

Fair use of broadcast TV programs: Off-air recording of a TV broadcast may be shown twice in the classroom during the 10 days following the original broadcast, after 45 days of the broadcast, the recordings must be purchased, licensed or the copy erased or destroyed.

Duplicating media materials: Federal guidelines stipulate that entire videos cannot be copied without permission from the copyright holders. Brief portions may be copied for instructional uses. Only three minutes or 10% of the work, whichever is less, can be copied without permission. Most videos are copyright protected, even if a copyright notice is not visible. Transferring or copying video and multimedia materials in their entirety to other formats is generally not permitted

Podcasting: When creating and posting a podcast, all traditional copyright laws apply and should be followed. If use of the podcast is restricted to students in a class, fair use policies apply. If creating a podcast with all original materials, the creator owns the copyright. All necessary rights and permissions must be secured if creating a podcast with previously published materials.

Parts of this policy were adapted with permission from Macalester College


Reserve materials including CDs, DVDs and videocassettes have a four-hour loan period and must be used in the library.  Media reserves are processed by the circulation department at both Clemens and Acluin Library.  Fill out reserve form below or call 2120 @ SJU, and 5604 @ CSB. Overdue reserve items are fined at the rate of $1.00 per hour for every hour they are overdue.


DVD/VHS Checkout Procedures and Policies:

  1. Video cassettes, DVDs, CDs and sound recordings checked out by faculty and staff from the CSB/SJU Media Center have a 5 day loan period. When items are being used in class, arrangements may be made to keep items longer than the 5 day loan period.
  2. Media materials checked out by students have a one day loan period for videos and DVDs. CDs and sound recordings have a 3-day loan. They may be taken out of the library if they are not on reserve.
  3. Media materials not returned on time are subject to an overdue fine. Overdue reserve items are fined at a higher rate, please see the Reserves section of this webpage.
  4. For more information on patron classes and how they relate to media please consult the Patron Policies.
  5. To renew media items on line consult Renewals

Purchasing Policies

Faculty members are encouraged to make requests for the purchase of DVD films through their department bibliographers for both Alcuin and Clemens Libraries. Approved requests are then forwarded to the Media Services Manager and the following issues are weighed before the purchase is initiated.

  1. Is ILL of the item an option?
  2. Is the cost of the film within reasonable limits?
  3. How much money has the department already spent on films?
  4. Does the department wish to contribute funds toward the purchase of the film?
  5. Could the film be used by other departments?

Online Request Forms


Use the media reserve form to place items on reserve for your class at either Clemens or Alcuin Libraries.

Use the Intercampus Book/Media Delivery Form to send media items to the other campus. For use by faculty/staff/OSB/Ecumenical Fellows/Graduate Students.

Use the Lamination Request Form to request laminating services