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Rep. Emmer sounds off on Trump's 1st year, tariffs, immigration and more

A front-page article in the St. Cloud Times about the Reviewing Washington event with Representative Emmer. [Click here for more]



Celebrating Eugene McCarthy, poet and politician

An article in the St. Cloud Times about the Centennial celebration of Eugene McCarthy's poetry and politics. [Click here for more]


Lt. Gov. Tina Smith on Minnesota's gifts and challenges on MPR

Lt. Gov. Smith's interview with the 2016 McCarthy Center Scholar in Residence, Liz Fedor of Twin Cities Business. [Click here for more]


Louis Johnston on 'Presidential Campaign Economics: Rhetoric vs. Reality' on MPR

McCarthy Center Joseph P. Farry Professor of Economics, Louis Johnston, interviewed on the rhetoric and reality of 2016 presidential candidates economic plans with Liz Fedor, 2016 McCarthy Center Scholar in Residence. [Click here for more]


Gov. Dayton Visits Saint Joseph

An article in the Saint Joseph News Leader about the McCarthy Center and Eichten on Campus's event "Ask the Governor". [Click here for more]


Magazine editor Liz Fedor to conduct ninth annual McCarthy Residency

 CSB/SJU article about the 2016 McCarthy Center Resident Liz Fedor. [Click here for more]


Dayton to answer questions Thursday at St. Ben's

An article from the St. Cloud Times on a visit from Governor Dayton to College of St. Benedict for "Ask the Governor." [Click here for more]


Would partyless elections curb rancor?

In this St. Cloud Times article, Dr. Matt Lindstrom, Edward L Henry professor of Political Science and McCarthy Center director, and Dr. Whitney Court of the CSB/SJU political science department discuss partyless elections. [Click here for more] 




 Climate Event in Paris Lights Fire at CSB/SJU

An article written in the St. Cloud Times referencing Eugene J. McCarthy Center Director Matt Lindstrom about the 14 students who went to Paris for the annual Climate Change Conference. [Click here for more]


Former Sen. Dodd to Give the McCarthy Lecture at St. Johns

An article in the St. Cloud Times referencing the Ninth annual McCarthy Lecture with Former Senator Chris Dodd. [Click here for more]


Author, Carlson to Discuss Economics at St. John's

An article in the St. Cloud Times about a visit to Saint John's by Hedrick Smith and Former Governor Arne Carlson hosted by the McCarthy Center. [Click here for more]


Hedrick Smith to discuss the crisis and decline of middle class American in Oct. 6 speech

 A CSB/SJU article about Hedrick Smith's visit and speech on campus. [Click here for more]


What if Bernie Sanders pulls a Eugene McCarthy?

 A Bloomberg Politics article citing McCarthy Center Director, Dr. Matt Lindstrom, on the political similarities between 2016 Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders and Eugene J. McCarthy's 1968 run for the Whitehouse. [Click here for more]


Intelligence Officer to Speak at McCarthy Center

An article in the St. Cloud Times about the McCarthy Residency featuring CIA Officer Paul Heer. [Click here for more]




John Brandl Shows Us the Way

A column written by Joseph P. Farry Professor of Economics Louis Johnston was published in MinnPost about the solution to gridlock in our political system. Taking inspiration from former St. Ben's St. John's professor John Brandl, that we should embrace competition and community to get past politics. [Click here for more.]


The Race for Congressional District 6

Director of the McCarthy Center and Edward L. Henry professor of Political Science Matt Lindstrom about the way in which the 6th Congressional District has fallen off the radar of most coverage. [Click here for more.]



With colleges' help, students try to make sense of voting

The McCarthy Center's Politics & a Pint "Pre-Election Voting Breakdown" was featured in a Saint Cloud Times news story about how college campuses and organizations are making younger people more aware of important political issues in the time leading up to the 2012 elections.


Political Science Professor Jim Read Writes Op-Ed for Saint Cloud Times on the Proposed Voter ID Amendment

Students at my university come from many cities and towns in Minnesota and other states. Many will be voting for the first time Nov. 6. They will not all vote the same way. They differ politically like the rest of us. What brings them together is that their college campus has become their new home for four years, the community where they emerge as adults and full participants in our democracy. [Click here for more.]


MPR's Kerri Miller to moderate panel at Saint John's on religion and politics on October 25

COLLEGEVILLE, Minn. - Minnesota Public Radio host Kerri Miller will be the moderator for the panel program "Religion and Politics in Today's America: An Interfaith Conversation" at 8 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 25, in the Stephen B. Humphrey Theater at Saint John's University. [Click here for more.]


Griffin '09 Moots for Her Majesty

Barry Griffin (Class of '09), a law student at King's College in London, was one of four top students who had the pleasure to moot - participating in a simulated court proceeding - for Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. [Click here for more.]


Letter: SJU students' spirit at caucus encouraging

The Republican caucus of Collegeville precincts 1 and 2 was held Feb. 7 at St. John's University, with standing room-only attendance. It was refreshing and encouraging to see some 40 St. John's students of Precinct 2 enthusiastically participating and volunteering to be precinct officers and delegates to the next level.



8 CSB/SJU students, professor volunteer for roadside cleanup

Eight students from the College of St. Benedict and St. John's University, along with Professor Matt Lindstrom, director of the Eugene J. McCarthy Center for Public Policy and Civic Engagement at St. John's, volunteered for the Center's first roadside cleanup. [Click here for more.]

March founder spends week at SJU

Like to follow politics through blogs, Facebook and Twitter? Use of these and other social-networking platforms may encourage voters to type first and think later, a political expert with Central Minnesota ties said Tuesday. Kathleen Hall Jamieson directs the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania and helped found, a pioneering website that scrutinizes statements made by politicians in ads and debates. [Click here for more.]


Denis McDonough

Denis McDonough is the National Security Council's chief of staff and one of President Obama's closest advisers. Mr. McDonough is reportedly so close to the president that colleagues - even his superiors - often do not make a major move without first checking with him. [Click here for more.]


Parker Rosen, LLC Announces Mark Kennedy as Senior Strategic Adviser

Minneapolis-based law firm Parker Rosen, LLC, announced today the addition of Mark Kennedy as a Senior Strategic Adviser. Kennedy brings a broad background in business, public service and global initiatives to his role at Parker Rosen, a firm well known for its involvement in Minnesota politics, civic activities and public affairs. [Click here for more.]


DeLand column: Is there economic logic to a stadium?

When Joe Friedrich looks at the issue from a professional standpoint, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense. What would be the financial benefit to Minnesota taxpayers of paying for the majority of a new stadium for the Minnesota Vikings? The economist in Friedrich will tell you there really is none. [Click here for more.]



Dr. Matt Lindstrom, Director of the Eugene J. McCarthy Center at Saint John's University quoted in the Star Tribune

It was just a six-player card game at the Whistle Stop Tavern and Grill. But even the longtime friends playing a boisterous game of euchre over morning coffee were split. Dairy farm worker Julie Schmaltz voted for Mark Dayton for governor. Nancy Walker, a nurse sitting across the table, picked Republican Tom Emmer, while Angie Skluzacek, a retired bartender, opted for Independence Party candidate Tom Horner. [Click here for more.]

To a higher degree: Respect in politics central to SJU

St. John's was founded by five Benedictine monks who had traveled to Central Minnesota when it was still a territory in 1857. Though more than 150 years have passed since its founding, we continue to be guided by the principles and values that have been part of the Benedictine tradition.

President Obama Announces Denis McDonough as Deputy National Security Advisor

Today, President Barack Obama announced his intent to appoint Denis McDonough as Assistant to the President and Deputy National Security Advisor. President Obama said, "For years, I have counted on Denis McDonough's expertise and counsel on national security issues." [Click here for more.]

Jim Read wins Best Paper Award from the American Political Science Association

Jim Read, professor of political science and the Joseph P. Farry professor of public policy at the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University, recently received the 2010 Wilson Carey McWilliams Best Paper Award by the Politics, Literature, and Film section of APSA. Read's paper was titled, "The Limits of Self-Reliance: Emerson, Slavery, and Abolition." [Click here for more.]


Klobuchar recalls McCarthy during talk at SJU

Sen. Amy Klobuchar paid tribute to a political icon of Minnesota's past by referencing current political figure from Alaska. Klobuchar, DFL-Minn., spoke Monday night at the Eugene J. McCarthy Lecture at Saint John's University. McCarthy's independence and willingness to buck his party sets him apart from most of today's politicians, Klobuchar told an audience of students, faculty and university boosters.


DC Program Intern is quoted in Time Magazine

Steret vendors in Santo Domingo usually eke out a living selling pirated DVDs of Hollywood blockbusters to motorists caught in the notorious traffic jams of this bustling Caribbean capital. But these days, the motorists are the ones seeking out the vendors.


Denis McDonough '92 - The Adviser at the Heart of National Security

Denis McDonough, the National Security Council's chief of staff, is so close to the president that colleagues often do not make a major move without checking with him. They should have checked first with Denis McDonough, the National Security Council's chief of staff. "I don't think that's where the president is on that," Mr. McDonough informed his higher-ups, according to two administration officials. [Click here for more.]


James Read, Professor of Political Science delivered the Alpheus T. Mason Address at Princeton University...

James Read, Professor of Political Science and Joseph P. Farry Professor of Public Policy, delivered the Alpheus T. Mason Address to the James Madison Program at Princeton University on March 23. The title of the talk was "The Only True Sovereign of a Free People? The Problem of Majority Rule in Madison, Calhoun, and Lincoln." [Click here for more.]


It takes more than politicians to make good policy

Most Minnesotans don't leave to live elsewhere. For the most part we stay because we like it here. So how do we make Minnesota even better as our relatively small world grows smaller and more competitive? How do we keep our most talented people at home, attract others with valuable skills, and move Minnesota forward? The answer lies in using our most abundant and valuable resource - human capital - differently. [Click here for more.]


Visitors from Minnesota get surprise visit from Obama

Proving once again the adage that it's not what you know but who you know in Washington, the presidents of two Minnesota private colleges got an unexpected surprise Wednesday when they were ushered into the Oval Office to meet President Obama. [Click here for more.]