Student Resources

As noted in our mission statement, we are strongly committed to providing students with a solid and broad-based mathematical foundation that helps prepare them for a variety of careers as well as graduate study in mathematics and the mathematical sciences.

Shannon Lane (left, 2013 graduate) and Alex Brancale (right, 2014 graduate)

CSBSJU Mathematics Colloquium

The theme for this fall is the Millennium  Prize Problems, which are important unsolved mathematical problems.  The Clay Mathematics Institute is offerering a $1,000,000 prize to anyone who is the first to solve each problem. All of the abstracts below are from Clay's website.

The CSBSJU Mathematics Colloquium meets roughly every other Thursday. The colloquium schedule for Spring 2015 will be posted soon.

Mathematical Competitions

Each year students from the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University participate in two mathematical competitions. Each November students may participate in the NCS/MAA team competition. This contest consists of ten problems, which are graded with a value of ten points per problem. The problems typically range in difficulty from fairly easy to extremely difficult. Students work in groups of three and submit their work as a team.

Every February students may participate in the Mathematical Contest in Modeling or MCM. The MCM is a contest where teams of undergraduates use mathematical modeling to present their solutions to real world problems. Students in teams of three work on one problem over an entire weekend. Not only is their work graded on mathematical correctness, but also on clarity and ease of understanding. For additional information see the COMAP website.


A good number of our students pursue a career as an Actuary, a person who calculates risk for insurance companies. For further information contact Phil Byrne or Kris Nairn.

Student Employment Opportunities

Students with an aptitude for mathematics have the option to work for the department as a course assistant, teaching assistant and work in the Math Skills Center. This opportunity not only help students prepare for teaching mathematics in the secondary and college level, but also they get paid! For more information contact Phil Byrne.

Summer Experiences

Every summer the math department sponsors students to do summer research with an advisor. CSB/SJU also has a strong tradition of students participating in Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REUs) around the country. For further information contact Tom Sibley and visit our page on summer research experiences.

Career Opportunities

NSF Research Fellowship:  See this link.

Epic Systems

[Paraphrased from an email from an Epic representative]: Epic Systems is the nation's top healthcare software company. They develop, implement, and support electronic medical records for healthcare organizations across the United States and abroad. Epic is interested in bright, driven students at College of Saint Benedict/Saint John's University to let them know about our many career opportunities. They have openings in software development and a variety of technical and non-technical roles. The work is challenging and rewarding. Epic's "do good" mission is truly at the heart of what they do: help their customers improve the healthcare industry.

Below are links to four job openings, and here is a link describing Epic's relationship with Apple Computers:

Technical Services: Leverage your problem-solving skills to deliver top-notch technical guidance to top healthcare organizations in the world.

Software Developer: Full life cycle development, your work will directly impact the way half of Americans receive healthcare.

Project Manager: Work side by side as a consultant to healthcare organizations installing our software.

Software Tester/Quality Assurance: Test our software from a medical professional's perspective to make sure it's efficient, intuitive and mistake free.  First we use it right, and then we use it wrong.