Learning Commons Vision

The Alcuin Learning Commons will be a place where students encounter new and emerging technologies along with traditional library resources in a learner-centered, support-focused environment. In our planning for the Learning Commons, we responded to the ways students learn today and designed a space that supports current teaching, learning, and social activity.

Vision image 1

We envision the Learning Commons as a place where students will be able to get advice from experts on research strategies, media production, writing skills, and computer applications; access our noteworthy collections; use state-of-the-art information technology to create new knowledge; and develop creative new collaborations with faculty and students.

Vision image 2

In a diverse University, no single workspace is ideal for all users at all times. The Learning Commons will provide a range of spaces suited to the learning preferences and different needs of our students. It will offer frequently requested collaborative space, and quiet areas for solitary work. It will have wide tables for those who like to spread out, and soft easy chairs for those who wish to sink into a good book. There will be a coffee bar for informal meetings between faculty and students, and schedulable classroom space for courses which draw upon library resources. There will be computer labs and conversational areas. The Learning Commons will facilitate discovery of information in all its forms, reinforce the emphasis we place on community interaction, and support students to grow and succeed at Saint John’s University.