Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Companions on a Journey at the College of Saint Benedict seek to create and sustain environments which offer all members of our CSB/SJU community opportunities for reflection on crafting a meaningful life by seeking wisdom and serving church and society. 

Our Vision

Companions on a Journey invites you to engage in the ordinary experience of life's journey through a spiritually dynamic, mutual exchange of sharing (articulating one's story), listening (with the ear of the heart), and responding (in word and deed) to God, self, and others with a special emphasis on the roles that gender, culture, and faith play in our lives. 

Our Goals

  • To support the integration of the Benedictine/Catholic Mission of CSB/SJU among all community constituencies
  • To promote vocational reflection
  • To prepare students for leadership and service in church and society 

Student Learning Goals

  • Develop and practice skills related to vocational reflection such as articulating one's story, listening, responding, empathy, asking effective questions, discernment and decision-making.
  • Expand on their conceptual knowledge of understandings of vocation and the Catholic and Benedictine heritage of the CSB/SJU community.
  • Grow in their self-understanding of their personal journey in light of issues of faith, gender, and culture.
  • Demonstrate an improved ability to engage in healthy, mutual relationships with God, self, and others.
  • Demonstrate the ability to serve and lead in church and society.