Journey Group Meeting Information

The purpose of the snack during a journey group session is:

  • To break bread together as Jesus did, symbolize that the members of your group are breaking open their lives together and holding their experiences that they're talking about as sacred.
  • Build community
  • Unwind before sharing/setting stage for sharing
  • Focusing and Centering
  • Healthy Nourishment/Nutrition

The dynamics of each group is unique and to accommodate the various needs of our groups we are providing you with a variety of menu options and meeting locations. Menus and meeting locations are listed on the right.

Please note the following:

  • For all menus, regardless of location, there is a $6.00 limit per group per meeting.
  • Any cancellations or changes to your order need to be submitted 2 days prior to the date of your meeting. Companions on a Journey is charged full price for orders cancelled less than 1 day.
  • If a student from your group is handling the meeting arrangements, please educate them on the process for requesting meeting space and ordering refreshments/snacks.

When to Submit Your Meeting Request

  • All meeting requests need to be submitted a minimum of 9 days prior to the date of your meeting (regardless of where your meeting will take place).
  • The most important reason for the time frame is so we can reserve the space for you.
  • The meeting request also serves the purpose of alerting us to special needs that may need our attention such as placing an order with Good2Go or accommodating a physical ability or dietary need (allergies), etc..
  • The time frame also gives us the ability to attend to other needs such as when campus is closed for a holiday, we need to be out of the office to attend workshops, etc. 

When to Order Your Snack

  • Good2Go (CSB) orders will be placed automatically online when you submit your meeting request. You will need to know what your group wants to order before you complete the online meeting request form. Meeting Requests, regardless of location, that are ordering from Good2Go need to be submitted a minimum of 9 days prior to the date of your meeting (as noted above in the section 'When to Submit Your Request). You will experience a delay in your order with Good2Go  if you do not complete the menu options when completing the meeting request form.

How to Pay

  • Good2Go: Pick up food items at Good2Go.  You will be asked to sign for the order.  You will not need to collect any receipts from Good2Go because they will be sending the receipts to our Companion account. 
  • Prepare Your Own Snacks (Grocery Store):  At the beginning of the year your group will receive two envelopes marked with your group number, facilitator's name and either Fall or Spring Semester. We ask that you put your recepts in the appropriate envelope for purchases of food other than Good2Go. At the end of the semester please turn in your group's envelope with your receipts and we will have a check made out to reimburse you for your purchase.

What to Order

  • Each group has an allowance of up to $1.00 per person per group session for the snack.
  • You are required to order items only from the Good2Go menu available on our website.  
  • Encourage your members to BYOB (Bring Your Own Beverage).  For those who forget or do not wish to BYOB, please make use of the water pitchers we have made available in the supplies. 
  • St Ben's has adopted a bottled water policy.  The policy is available on CSB's Sustainability Office website


We have set up 3 locations containing basic supplies to accommodate your meetings. These locations are in the Main building at CSB:

  • Main Building - Custodial closet in the TRC (unmarked door outside the Fireside Lounge)
  • Main Building - Custodial closet on Third Floor (unmarked door across from the elevator near the water fountain)
  • Upper Mary Commons - Break Room (Room 206); look for cabinet marked Companions.

Supplies include pitcher, cups, silverware, napkins, plates, etc. The supplies in Campus Ministry also include a refrigerator, condiments, coffee, and coffee maker.

If at any time you need assistance or have a request please contact our office. We will help provide you with the assistance needed for your group.


Some locations have policies/restrictions for their use.  All groups need to abide by these policies.

  • The Spirituality Center:  a member of the journey group must be a sister from the monastery.
  • Rooms will not be opened ahead of time.  Call Campus Security at 363-5000 (on campus x5000) 15 minutes prior to your meeting.
  • There are three meeting spaces in Upper Mary Commons. The Reflection Room will not be available for meetings every Sunday from 7 p.m. to Monday at noon.
  • Photos of the meeting spaces available for journey group meetings and a campus map may be found by clicking the Meeting Requests at CSB link to the right.
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