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Principle Seven

Good Practice for Student Affairs ...

Seeks dialogue among religious traditions with contemporary culture to clarify beliefs and foster mutual understanding in the midst of tensions and ambiguities.

We seek to promote greater understanding and appreciation of the similarities as well as the differences in culture, gender, and religious traditions and practices.

Through our policies and programming we seek to develop intercultural competence which includes a deep understanding and appreciation of one's own belief and value systems as well as of the belief and value systems of other people and traditions.

  • Residential life brings together people of diverse backgrounds in culture and religion who are encouraged to speak and listen through their differences.
  • The Faith Communities Ministry promotes respectful dialogue, faith sharing, and fellowship among students of diverse religious beliefs.
  • The Fully Aware Catholic series clarifies Catholic teaching on contemporary social issues.
  • The programming of various student religious groups invites dialogue on the similarities and differences in religious traditions and practices.




Principles of Good Practice