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Principle Five

Good Practice for Student Affairs ...

Challenges students to high standards of personal behavior and responsibility through the formation of character and virtues.

We promote character development that is shaped by Benedictine values in the context of community living.

Through our policies, programming, and mentoring we promote personal growth in living Benedictine values that are characterized by: 

A sacramental view of the world which:

  • acknowledges the primacy of God
  • shows reverence for all persons
  • shows reverence for all creation
  • listens reverently with the ear of our heart

Seeking the common good:

  • with an abiding respect for the individual
  • by seeking counsel when faced with important decisions
  • through the practice of hospitality and  respect for all persons
  • through the practice of simplicity and frugality
  • through the practice of justice

A commitment to community life that is characterized by:

  • stability of relationships
  • stability of place
  • continued growth in practices which are oriented to the search for God




Principles of Good Practice