Danica Simonet, Student Interfaith Leader

Danica Simonet is a double major in peace studies and German, with an individualized concentration in forced migration. Growing up in Northfield, Minnesota, in a family that emphasized Catholic social teaching and the importance of education, Danica knew she wanted to attend a university in which travel, dialogue, social justice, and peace were integral to the four-year experience. The College of Saint Benedict | Saint John’s University was just the place. After spending a gap year in India, and learning about the CSB| SJU peace studies major, Danica knew she has found her vocation, what she calls “the vital, sometimes frustrating, always fascinating field of peace studies.” Danica is an active member of our community, serving as president of the Peace Studies Club, sustainability representative for the CSB Senate, event planner for the Joint Student Muslim Society, and a member of the Extending the Link team and the Peer Resource Program. She believes in bringing people together to engage in dialogue, to learn more about our humanity, and to build bridges across religious divides that so often fuel conflict in our world. Danica spent the summer of 2016 in Berlin, Germany, to document the stories of Syrian women and is a constant advocate for welcoming the stranger. She believes that, “now more than ever, it is the time for us to use ‘soft power’ to create the world we can and want to live in,” and she sees “interfaith dialogue as key to such a world.”