IWL Staff 2018-2019

Lucy Dornbach

Student Director

Lucy Dornbach 

Majors/Minors: Gender Studies and Hispanic Studies majors and Political Science minor 

Favorite Movie: The Princess Diaries 

Involvement: IWL, Entending the Link, Center for Ethical Leadership in Action Cohort, Hynes Schoalrs Alumna, Peer Resource Program, Benedictine Friends Program 

What does Women's Leadership mean to you? 

Women's Leadership means supporting and creating opportunities for all types of women to run the world in whatever capacity they choose. When I think of women in leadership I see world peace. 

What does the IWL mean to you? The IWL symbolizes a community of women form all backgrounds working together to support and encourage women in leadership. It's a place and community where Bennies can feel empowered to take risks and feel supported in doing so. 

Melissa Yang

Program Coordinator


Melissa Yang 

Majors/Minors: Biology, Asian Studies minor 

Involvement: IWL 

What does Women's Leadership mean to you? Women’s Leadership is learning to be an efficient leader while redefining the barriers of being a woman. It is obtaining the materials necessary to acquire the confidence that will help you become more comfortable in initiating and engaging in conversation, and to advocate for women everywhere including yourself. Women Leadership is about preserving and learning to appreciate one-self so that you can become a role model and set an example to those around you.

What does the IWL mean to you? IWL serves as a resource and foundation that helps me become the person I am proud of. It provides me with a refreshing perspective of myself as I continue to build upon my strengths and weakness. 

Anna Peichel

Feminist Social Justice Coordinator

Anna Piechel

Majors/Minors: Political Science major and Communication minor

Favorite Movie: Moana

Involvement:  Hynes Scholars Alumna, President of PRISM, Austria Study Abroad Program

What does Women's Leadership mean to you? 

It means having the confidence to speak your mind nad be the change you want to see in the world. 

What does the IWL mean to you?

IWL is a place in which women can be empowered, find their voice, and raise the issues they believe are impacting them here at CSB. 

Breanna Gates

Program Coordinator

Breanna Gates 

Majors/Minors: Communication major, Psychology minor 

Favorite Movie: Titanic

Involvement: HR Club President, CSB Basketball Team 

What does Women's Leadership mean to you? 

Women's Leadership first and foremost is SO important. It is women inspriring through leading and empowering others. A leader prepares all women to have a greater impact on their peers, coworkers, and employers. Women's Leadership is a domino effect. 

What does the IWL mean to you?

The IWL prepares me and provides me with the tools to e a successful woman in college and after. IWL also teaches me to a confident leader and equips me with relationships with empowering women. 

Danee Voss

Expeditions Coordinator

Libby Grygar

Public Relations Coordinator 


Anna Lopez

Intercultural Womens Coordinator

Amelia Barkley

Hynes Scholars Coordinator