Light Kits

Genaray LED Camera Light KitGenaray LED Camera Light Kit


Bright, portable and cool to the touch, these LED lights are a welcome addition to any video shoot. The bright LEDs provide the light you need in dark shooting locations, while also being versatile enough to take with you on the go. Genaray's LED lights come with a fully dimmable knob to adjust the amount of light you need.  Additionally, there's a knob to adjust the light temperature between 3200K-5600K for desired light color. This light kit also includes a magnetically-attachable frosted diffuser and mounting hardware for attaching directly to a camera hot-shoe or separately to a tripod. Powering the lights is easy with a AC power cable for stationary shoots, or a double battery option for projects that require more portability. Loan includes 1 light, all accessories, case and dual battery charger.

Lowell Light KitLowell Lighting Kits


Lighting is key to proper video exposure. If you plan to shoot in a dark location or need some extra front or effect lighting, try one of our light kits. Our tungsten lights include a soft box cover that diffuses the light for a softer, more pleasing look. Kit comes with light, soft box cover, tripod stand, power cable, and hard case. Lights should be handled with care as they can become very hot!