2013 Grads Honors Thesis Timeline

Senior Year (2012-2013)

Commence research and writing thesis.  Keep in regular contact with your Thesis Advisor and the Honors Thesis Director.  December graduates should consult the Honors Thesis Director for a checklist and dates.

By Thanksgiving Break:

Report your progress to your Thesis Advisor.  This may take the form of an initial thesis chapter (Humanities/Social Science majors), a performance or sample artworks (Fine Arts) or preliminary data analysis (Science majors).

Your Thesis Advisor will be asked by the Honors Thesis Program Office to submit a one-page progress report to the Honors Thesis Director. (Appendix F

By the end of Fall semester 2012:

  • Most Thesis writers should have completed a working draft of your thesis (25-35 pages). All science major thesis students should have, by this time, collected all your data and begun to analyze it.

By the beginning of March 2013:

  • Give final draft of thesis to all members of the defense committee (at least two weeks prior to the defense). The student will schedule defenses in consultation with the committee and the Honors Thesis Program Director.

By March 15th, 2013:

  • The Thesis Advisor must verify by e-mail that you are making adequate progress to justify your Honors recognition in the commencement program.

By  April 16, 2013:

  • Complete defense of thesis.  Revise your thesis accordingly, taking into account comments and editorial changes recommended by your committee.

By May 1, 2013

  • ALL of the following steps MUST be completed by this date for you to be recognized with All-College Honors and/or Distinction.  NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Deliver one final copy of the thesis with all prescribed revisions to the Honors Thesis Office Coordinator, Quad 451.   The Honors Program will return two bound copies to you.  One copy is for you and the other signed and bound copy is for you to give to your Thesis Advisor.  
  • Write a 150-word abstract of your thesis and submit it as a Word document to the Director of Honors Thesis Program and to the Honors Program Office Coordinator, Mary Tamm in Quad 451.  Also submit an electronic version of your thesis at this time to Mary Tamm as well.  If your thesis does not lend itself to electronic submission, special arrangement must be made with the Honors Thesis program director, Dr. Tony Cunningham.
  • Complete Self-Evaluation form. (Appendix G), submit to thesis advisor for his or her evaluation, and deliver the completed form to the Honors Thesis Program office, Quad 451 or Quad 351.