Honors Thesis Evaluation

DUE DATE: April 29 for 2014 grads


STUDENT'S NAME: _______________________________________________

DATE ______________

THESIS TITLE: _____________________________________________________________

THESIS ADVISOR: __________________________________________________

EVALUATION : Briefly evaluate the student's work on this project throughout the semester.





Please fill in the grade for the thesis: _______ (A, H, AB, B, etc.).  The Thesis Program Director will submit the grade to the registrar.  Note that only an "A" or "H" grade will give a student departmental distinction, but an "AB" or "B" grade will permit the student to graduate with "All-College Honors." An "H" grade is like an A but does not affect the GPA.  If distinction in two departments is to be granted, this form must be submitted by a faculty member from both departments.

Please return to Mary Tamm, Honors Thesis Coordinator, by noon on Tuesday, April 29th for 2014 grads.  Feel free to submit this form via e-mail.