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History Major Alums

History Majors are prepared to:

•  Analyze documents, data and other primary sources by comparing and contrasting them to observe causal relationships,

•  Synthesize information,

• Evaluate arguments by weighing the validity of their premises, methodology, and conclusions

• Argue a position by weighing different interpretations and grounding conclusions in evidence

• Write clearly, concisely and logically, and

• Participate in intellectual conversations discussions effectively

What great jobs have CSB/SJU History alums gotten?

Denis McDonough, 1992, White House Chief of Staff for President Barack Obama

Dan Bastian, 1990, owner of BOOMCHICKAPOP, Angie's Artisan Treats LLC 

Heather Butkowski-Hinrichs, 1999, City Administrator, City of Lauderdale

Nicole Bach, 2009, Program Curator at the Stearns Historical Museum in St. Cloud MN

Sarah Mitchell-Smith, 2002, Marketing Systems Consultant at Thomson Reuters

Mark C. Reiner, MD, 2005, Anesthesiologist, Ridgeview Medical Center

Tara Boyer Brigham, 2005 Medical Research Librarian at Mayo

Matthew Pahl, 2005, Policy Director, New Mexico Public Education Department

Kathryn Enger Enke, 2005, Chief of Staff and Lead Title IX Coordinator, College of Saint Benedict

Shauna Holt, 2005, Corporate Counsel at Exstar Financial Corporation 

Audrey Gabe

Audrey Gabe '09

"As a social worker, I'm so grateful for my history degree! Having a background in history equips me to explore the larger context of people's lives, and the various factors at play that can either empower or hinder self-sufficiency. Effective advocacy work includes considering what (and how) past actions or events lead to current inequalities. Knowing how to evaluate the past helps me find solutions to improve people's lives."

Kathryn Enke

Teresa Walch '10

"I am a fourth-year PhD student in Modern European History at University of California, San Diego. I am currently on a Fulbright Fellowship in Berlin, conducting 10 months of research for my dissertation. My history classes at CSB/SJU gave me a great foundation from which to embark upon my graduate studies!"