P. Richard Bohr

Contact Information:

Office: Richarda N9
Phone: (320) 363-5918
Email: rbohr@csbsju.edu

Educational Information:

  • Ph.D. - University of California, Davis
  • M.A. - Harvard University
  • M.Div. - Harvard University
  • B.A. - University of California, Davis

Academic Interests:

Dr. Bohr's field is Asian history.  Within that field,  he focuses on Asia and the West and East Asia. He is a specialist on China, particularly China's transition from tradition to "modernity" since 1800 and the Taiping Rebellion. He also specializes in Asian economic development, international business, geopolitics, and the historic and current relationship between Asia, MN, the Midwest, and the overall US.


I grew up near San Francisco's Chinatown and wondered how the Chinese remained so distinctive in the midst of America's "Anglo" culture. What was it in their culture that kept them so inward-looking, so close to their own community and family values, to their spiritual roots? What enabled them to maintain such a strong sense of pride and self-sufficiency? These questions let me to become increasingly interested in the question of how Western and Chinese cultures communicate with each other. In the effort to enhance America's relationship with a new Asia committed to economic development and political reform, I took a 15 year sabbatical from college teaching to serve as President and Executive Director of the non-profit Midwest China Center, as Deputy Commissioner of Trade and Economic Development, Executive Director of the Minnesota Trade Office, and as Director of Padilla, Speer, Beardsley International (a firm specializing in global intercultural communications) before becoming Associate Professor of History at CSB/SJU in the Fall of 1994.