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Jonathan Nash

Contact Information:
Office:  Richarda N5

Phone: 320 363 5255


Office Hours:

Spring 2016
Mondays 2-3 PM; Tuesdays 1-2 PM; Fridays 9:30-10:30 AM; and by appointment.

Educational Information:
B.A:  Xavier University
M.A.: University at Albany, SUNY
Ph.D: University at Albany, SUNY            

                       Jonathan Nash         

Academic Interests:
Early America; Early U.S. Republic; American Revolution; Atlantic World; history of childhood; crime and punishment in the antebellum United States.

My research focuses on the emergence of imprisonment as a form of punishment in the United States and on the nation's first prisoners.  I am beginning a new project that analyzes attempts to confine and reform wayward children in the early United States.

2015 Conference Presentation at Tel Aviv University, Israel, "Unquiet Spirits" and the Transition to Incarceration in the Early United States.


"'This Scourge of Confinement': James Morton's Experiences of Incarceration in the Antebellum United States," The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography 139 (April 2015): 109-134


FYS 100 & 101: First Year Seminar

HIST 152: American Experience

HIST 200: History Colloquium

HIST 350: Early America

HIST 351: American Revolution

HIST 355: Atlantic World HIST

395: Historiography & Methods