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The curriculum offered by the Department of History is exceptionally broad in its focus, covering the geographic areas of Asia, Latin America, Europe, and the United States, and subjects including social, political, intellectual, cultural, and economic history. The course offerings are divided into four levels meant to meet the needs of a variety of students.

First level courses, numbered 100-199, are designed to introduce beginning students to the discipline of history. These courses survey general trends and developments in European, United States, Latin American, and Asian history.

Second level, upper-division courses, numbered 300s, focus on particular themes, regions and periods. These courses are generally offered on a rotating basis every third or fourth semester.

Both first and second level courses are designed for all students at CSB/SJU. The third and fourth levels are designed specifically for history majors.

Third level history courses consist of History Colloquium (HIST 200) and Historiography and Methods (HIST 395). This courses teach students how to use primary sources and prepare them to use the critical skills necessary to conduct their own research in HIST 399.

The fourth level is the Senior Thesis (HIST 399). This course constitutes the capstone of the major's experience in which they research, organize, and write a substantial paper and present their results publicly to students, parents, and friends.


Major and Minor Requirements

Major (40 credits)
• 8 credits of 100 level
• 20 credits of 300-level
• HIST 200 History Colloquium
• HIST 395 Historiography and Methods
• HIST 399 Senior Thesis (capstone) 

When combining a history major with a second major, study abroad, or an honors thesis, students are encouraged to work closely with their advisor.

Minor (20 credits)
• 4 credits of 100 level
• HIST 200 History Colloquium
• 12 credits of 300 level

Course Offerings
Spring 2017 ~ Fall 2016 
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