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CSB/SJU History Majors Get Great Jobs!

Find out why and also to see what our alums are up to!

In their Job Outlook for the Class of 2015, the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) surveyed organizations nationwide that hire college graduates. Skills that employers report that they value in new hires are precisely the skills that our students get in CSB/SJU history courses.  A comparison between the values that employers want and our departmental mission statement illustrates the connections:

Employers value the ability to make decisions and solve problems

CSB/SJU History majors learn to:

  • Evaluate arguments by weighing the validity of their premises, methodology, and conclusions
  • Argue a position by carefully weighing divergent interpretations and grounding conclusions in evidence

    Employers are looking for people with the ability to communicate verbally with people inside and outside an organization and to work with a team

CSB/SJU History majors learn to:

  • Discuss effectively by respectfully listening to and participating in intellectual conversations to deepen understanding
  • Interact respectfully with others in a global society

    Employers are looking for people with the ability to obtain and process information, to plan, organize, and prioritize work, and to create written reports

CSB/SJU History majors learn to:

  • Analyze data by breaking complex entities into component parts, comparing and contrasting them, and constructing cause and effect relationships among them;
  • Synthesize information by selecting and marshaling relevant evidence into an explanatory narrative
  • Write clearly by employing logical organization and precise language

What great jobs have CSB/SJU History alums gotten?

  • Denis McDonough, 1992, White House Chief of Staff for President Barack Obama
  • Dan Bastian,1990, owner of BOOMCHICKAPOP, Angie's Artisan Treats LLC 
  • Heather Butkowski-Hinrichs, 1999:  City Administrator, City of Lauderdale
  • Nick Polaski, 2001, Assistant District Attorney for the State of Alaska
  • Sarah Mitchell-Smith, 2002, Marketing Systems Consultant at Thomson Reuters
  • Mark C. Reiner, MD, 2005, Anesthesiologist, Ridgeview Medical Center
  • Tara Boyer Brigham, 2005 Medical Research Librarian at Mayo
  • Matthew Pahl, 2005, Policy Director, New Mexico Public Education Department
  • Kathryn Enger Enke  2005: Chief of Staff and Lead Title IX Coordinator, College of Saint Benedict
  • Shauna Holt, 2005, Corporate Counsel at Exstar Financial Corporation
  • Amanda Breu, 2006, ‪Instruction & Outreach Librarian at University of Houston-Victoria (TX)
  • Savo Heleta, 2007, manager of Internationalisation at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University's  Office for International Education (OIE) in Port Elizabeth, South Africa and the author of Not My Turn to Die: Memoirs of a Broken Childhood in Bosnia (2008)
  • Mary Demars, 2008, Membership manager, Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens in Pittsburgh, PA
  • Nicole Bach, 2009, Program Curator at the Stearns Historical Museum in St. Cloud MN
  • Kristen Perry-Hall, 2009, Corporate Compliance at U.S. Bancorp 
  • Alyssa Gerszewski, 2010, Commissioner, Scottsdale Historic Preservation Commission (AZ)
  • Rachel Peterson, 2011, architectural historian at Hesse, Roise, and Company in Minneapolis
  • Lori Nohner, 2011, manager, Pioneer Trails Regional Museum (Bismarck, ND)
  • Yasin Williams, 2015, Citizen Assistance Analyst, State of Minnesota

Former students comment on how the history major prepared them for life after college

 "If you have a passion or interest in history go for it!  Don't worry about how it may affect your employment opportunities after graduation.  A history major can prepare you for many careers."                                     

 "A history major provided me the analytical skills regarding the "how's" and "why's" the past affects the present, as well as how/why actions taken in the present, may affect the future."                                
"Be open minded. You don't have to use your history major directly for it to be useful, it will help you in ways you didn't think possible."   
"The ability to write well, analyze multiple contradictory sources of information and develop my own understanding has been invaluable in my career as a professional soldier. It has served me well in peace and war."
 "You might not end up with a career directly related to history, but it can help in any profession. Plus, you'll learn so much along the way. It taught me how to write clearly, collecting thoughts and ideas in an organized fashion and debating my side of a discussion.
 "It taught me a new way to look at history. It was no longer just names and dates but emotions, thoughts, and other insights into specific people and events."
"My history studies taught me critical thinking, research skills, and clear verbal and written communication. I also learned discipline and processes needed to handle large, complex, multi-step projects."
"I chose history because it seeps into all aspects of life. We share similar experiences with others and are still encouraged to make our unique marks on the world. I am fascinated by the complex, humorous, uncanny and sometimes ambiguous aspects of historical study."
"The organization, research, critical thinking and writing skills prove to be absolutely invaluable. I received a wonderful mix of encouragement for creativity, and the tempering effects of discipline and structure."