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Teaching in Asia (& Beyond) Program

Every year, CSB/SJU graduates head to Asia and other countries to teach English as a Second Language. Some students goto CSB/SJU partner institutions and organizations through the CGE's Teaching in Asia (& Beyond) program, while others strike out on their own to find different opportunities.

Graduating seniors interested in Teaching in Asia (& Beyond)program opportunities will find information on this site. For those pursuing other options, recommended opportunities with non-TA partners are also provided. These are non-partner institutions and organizations where CSB/SJU alums have been employed and had positive experiences in the past. Additional teaching abroad resources are also listed here. Information sources for a spectrum of international employment opportunities include the Career Services job bulletin board, E-Link, and the GoinGlobal website.

Program Overview

Each year approximately 20 CSB/SJU students and graduates obtain teaching and volunteer assignments in Asia and other countries that are facilitated by CSB/SJU through the Teaching in Asia (& Beyond) program. These young men and women teach English as a Second Language, assist school officials, and serve as goodwill ambassadors. While enriching the lives of others, they enrich their own by developing new friendships, gaining teaching experience, developing language skills and making career connections. There are no language requirements for these positions, nor is an Asian Studies degree, teaching certification or teaching experience required -- although some institutions give preference to applicants with an education major and/or Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) certification or experience. Knowledge of the relevant culture and minimal language proficiency obviously provide certain advantages in terms of cultural acclimation but are not required.

If you are interested in exploring these exciting opportunities, these CGE site pages will get you started. The positions listed are those which CSB/SJU graduates presently hold and/or are through institutions with which CSB/SJU has historically had positive relations and that have employed a number of CSB/SJU students and graduates over the years. CSB/SJU faculty and staff will help interested students identify appropriate teaching opportunities and will write letters of recommendation, if requested. The various institutions will then conduct candidate interviews and the hiring of teachers for their individual programs.

Important Notes & Disclaimer

The Teaching in Asia (& Beyond) Program at CSB/SJU provides recommendations for graduating seniors and alumnae/i for the teaching positions included in this program. All hiring decisions and terms of employment, however, are between individual applicants and the relevant Asia-based institutions or programs. CSB/SJU are not responsible for working conditions, safety or any other aspects of these programs.

Salary and stipend figures are updated each year, but are subject to change at the discretion of the employers. Please note that exchange rate variations can alter the U.S. dollar equivalencies cited.

Application Deadline for CSB/SJU Teaching in Asia (& Beyond) positions:

Application deadlines for 2015-2016 will differ depending on location. Take a look at each program for further information.