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Rachel Cameron

Rachel Cameron is an Ambassador who studied abroad in France

Briefly describe a specific cultural experience you had on your trip that made a lasting impression.

There was a small soccer field a few blocks away from our campus, and a group of Americans went to play a small pick-up game. But when we got there we found the field being used by a group of French men. They invited us to play with them, the Americans vs. the French. I do not really remember the outcome of the game, but I'm sure it went to the French men's favor. But what I do remember was encouragement the French gave us. They were very kind and enjoyed talking with us in both French and English. All of us had a great time getting to learn about each other's cultures even if it was for just a few hours!

Why did you choose the program in which you participated?

I have always wanted to go and explore the world, especially Europe. I wanted to the part of history that cannot be seen here in America. I wished to see a culture much different from the United States culture, so I decided France would be the perfect spot to see those cultural differences. I studied the language and culture for years, so for me, it made sense to continue to learn about France!

Describe your overall study abroad experience.

My experience helped me with my education of the French language and culture. I got to meet new people from different countries and got to make new friends from CSBSJU, which I would not have the chance to meet on campus. I learned about myself. And I got an opportunity to visit a part of the world I would not normally get the chance to see, without this program.

How has the trip affected you? How are you different for having completed the experience?

This trip gave me a new perspective on my life and the world around us. By going to a country that has strong connections with the United States, it gave me a global view of our country. Going abroad and entering an unfamiliar place gave me a new independence. We had to figure out how to get around the town, and if we wanted to go travel in another town or country, we had to plan the trip.

What advice do you have for future Study Abroad Students?

Do not hold back! Make a list of all the things you want to do while you are abroad, and try to check off as many as possible. Travel and explore the region and other countries. Try to live life as a French citizen, it will give you a new way of thinking!