Short-Term Study Abroad Programs

CSB/SJU sponsors a large variety of short-term, international programs. These programs take place throughout the year and range one to eight weeks in length. The programs change every year depending on faculty areas of interest.

The Application for 

Summer 2018 Programs is closed

The Center for Global Education is pleased to announce the short-term study abroad programs for summer 2018:

Bosnia/Herzegovina & Serbia: Summer Balkans Internship

     Dates: June 1 - July 31

     Facilitated by the Center for Global Education

Brazil: Contemporary Brazil: Its People and Culture- CANCELLED

     Dates: May 20 – June 9

     Director: Tania Gomez

China: Summer Science Research at Southwest University - CLOSED

     Dates: June 1 - July 31

     Facilitated by the Center for Global Education

Ecuador: Ecology of the Galapagos Islands 

     Dates: July 3 - August 3 (tentative)

     Director: Kristina Timmerman

Ecuador: Advanced Spanish Language and Culture- CANCELLED

     Dates: June 5 – July 2

     Director: Elena Sanchez Mora

England: Science & Policy in the United Kingdom- CANCELLED

     Dates: May 14 – June 1

     Director: Katherine Furniss

England: Summer London Internship

     Dates: May 17 - July 15, June 14 - August 12

     Facilitated by the Center for Global Education

England & Scotland: Children’s Literature in the United Kingdom 

     Dates: May 14 – June 4

     Director: Madeleine Israelson

Fiji: Culture and Commerce of Fiji

     Dates: May 14 – May 31

     Directors: Janean Kleist & Ben Trnka

Germany: Summer Germany Internship

     Dates: June 1 - July 31

     Facilitated by the Center for Global Education

Japan: Japanese Entertainment and Media- CANCELLED

     Dates: May 14 – June 5

     Director: Will duPont

South Korea: Gender and Culture- CANCELLED

     Dates: June 1 – June 14

     Director: Sucharita Mukherjee

Spain: Intermediate Spanish Language and Culture 

     Dates: May 18 - June 22, June 22 - July 27

     Directors: Sarah Schaaf, Nelsy Solano, Christina Hennessy 

Sweden: Sweden Teaching- CANCELLED

     Dates: May 16 – June 11

     Director: Brian Mumma

Sweden & the Netherlands: Gender and Sexuality Studies- CANCELLED

     Dates: August 3 – August 20

     Director: Janelle Hinchley


Please note that dates are subject to change.